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Prusa MK 1 upgrade  

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Prusa MK 1 upgrade

Is there still a upgrade option for the mk1s out there? I have a MK1 with the 1.75mm and the bed just shorted out so I was hoping to upgrade to MK2 or better rather than try and source a new print bed. I don't see anything on the website for MK1 support. Kind of sucks if the "upgradability" is only if you buy the upgrade early enough . Thanks for any info you guys can provide

Posted : 10/02/2019 8:27 pm
Milos V.
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Re: Prusa MK 1 upgrade

Even upgrade from MK2 to MK3 means nearly complete replacement of all parts. I would say that this upgrade is only available to offer for MK2 owners new MK3 for a bit better price. Upgrade from MK1 to MK2 or MK3 is nonsense. Buy new MK3 or MK2s (if you need to save some money) and use MK1 as a backup or remake it into something else. I saw some project for laser engraving machine based on Prusa I3.

Posted : 10/02/2019 8:44 pm
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Re: Prusa MK 1 upgrade

I would imagine that you will need to buy a MK3S now as I suspect they have no upgrade kits for the MK1 left. This technology is advancing so quickly that they can't provide the upgrades for long, and the newest models are to different to upgrade to from a MK1. I would give Customer Services a go using the online Chat facility on the shop homepage ( ), it's in the bottom right corner but can take a minute or so to appear. They may have some left in stock but don't quote me on that as I have no actual idea! It has been 4 years now since the MK1 1.75mm came out, and all together there have been several iterations since then. When they started they we a small company and probably couldn't afford to keep large amounts of reserve stock. I have the plain old MK2 (no S or .5) and am planning on getting a MK3S or MK4 depending on if/when a larger print volume version should be released.

Posted : 14/02/2019 8:21 pm