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Energy consumption in comparison ?  

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Energy consumption in comparison ?


i wonder if anyone has measured the energy consumption in comparison between the normal print and the print with input shaper.

The amount of filament to be processed stays the same. The heat bed is a lower amount of time on its high temperature.

I therefore hope that there is also some kind of energy saving in faster prints.

anyone has thoughts on this ? 
Looking forward to my MK4 kit coming in August I assume.

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Posted : 29/05/2023 1:53 pm
Walter Layher
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RE: Energy consumption in comparison ?

I think it is way too early to worry about that. At the moment the repeatability is not yet on the same level as without IS and there is much trial and error involved. The error part will decrease over time and you cannot really factor in the loss caused by failed prints to get there.

Posted : 29/05/2023 2:01 pm
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RE: Energy consumption in comparison ?

From what I am seeing on my first few prints, the time to print is down by 25-40% depending on the STL. That will offset any increase in energy required.  The net result still remains to be seen, but I am thinking this will be net cheaper, as the incremental power required is unlikely to be that much more. There is always baseline power required. 

Posted : 31/05/2023 12:07 am
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RE: Energy consumption in comparison ?

I have a energy monitor attached and can see no increase in energy consumption when running with input shaper - which actually makes sense as this is "only" a more precise controlling of the stepper control lines which as a side effect allows faster printing. There will be the side effect that printing faster will consume more power, but you will also be finished faster. There will be a sweet spot between the two but I would assume (based on my CNC) that the increase will by way under 10%.

Posted : 01/06/2023 9:13 am