Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?
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Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?  

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Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?


as there is no profile without Input Shaping for the MK3.9 upgrade - is there still a way to print without it?

I am not really a big fan of the Input Shaper for functional parts, neither on my MK4 nor on my MK3.9 - the results are still better than my upgraded Ender 3 V2 though - but not as good as with the 0.2 quality settings. Maybe going back using gyroid will help a bit as suggested in an MK4 thread - but a non Inpus Shaper Profile would still be nice to have.

There is still a certain weirdness to it - maybe the frequencies are off on my concrete paving slab on composite foam combo the printers are placed on?

Posted : 29/10/2023 3:21 pm
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If you make this entry in the start gcode of the printer, input shaper is disabled.

M593 X T2 F0 ; disable IS

M593 Y T2 F0 ; disable IS


Posted : 01/11/2023 5:50 pm
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Err... That is most certainly correct - but not really what I wanted to achive 😉 InputShaping may be disabled then - but that would propably even worsen the quality as the printer still prints at high speed - but now without the compensation of InputShaper...

Maybe I should re-phrase the question to "quality profile for MK 3.9"?

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Posted : 04/11/2023 10:23 am
RE: Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?

I just used mk4 without input shaping preset and solve my problems

Posted : 08/11/2023 6:45 pm
Tyler Dola
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RE: Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?

I've been fighting with passing the axis tests on firmware 5.1.0. The Y axis passed just fine before, but the fan didn't. So support had me upgrade to 5.1.0... now the Fan passes, but the Y fails... I think because the Y fails, it stops further tests and tuning.

I was asked to try some prints and so far they sucked! The X axis is shifted with every layer.

I finally tried slicing with Mk4 no Input Shaper as @Sandre4 indicated.

So far my benchy is "better"... There is the ocassional X shift, but nothing as bad as with input shaper. 

Posted : 26/11/2023 6:32 pm
Jonathan Newman
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RE: Print without Input Shaper on MK3.9?

Yep on my MK3.9 Printing without InputShaper is done by using default MK4 profile. An interesting note: Input shaper limits layer height, there is no 0.07, or 0.05mm ULTRADETAIL and no 0.30mm DRAFT mode.

Kind of a shame it's not more clearly noted...

Posted : 18/02/2024 8:48 pm