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some issues  

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some issues

Hello guys.

This Is Whats i have for issues.

cca 20 layers i have problem with deformation on produkt. I dont know what is wrong. 

Its Mini, 0.4, PLA




Posted : 22/01/2021 11:28 pm
Dan Rogers
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RE: some issues

First thing I like to do is check in the slicer really close up.  I've had more "deformaties" that are in the actual model and they do show up in the slicer.  If not show in the slicer and you see this kind of drip ... hmmm.  Top picture looks more like a layer shift (something momentarily impeded the print head, and the axis got shifted a pixel.).  The other ones look like melty little blobs.  Nothing that a little post processing with a file won't fix.

Posted : 26/01/2021 10:38 pm
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RE: some issues

Posted : 27/01/2021 7:22 am