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Y-Axis Stepper Motor Unresponsive  

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Y-Axis Stepper Motor Unresponsive

Hey Prusa forum!

I'm having some trouble with my MINI+. When printing something today I noticed that the Y axis was not moving at all during the print. When starting the homing process, the motor made a "clunk" sound, but didn't move at all. It made the "clunk" sound a couple more times when trying to restart the print, and using Settings > Move Axis. After that, it's been completely silent and unresponsive.

I checked the linear rails for obstruction. They all move to their extents, but the Y-Axis is a little harder to move than I remember, like the motor is resisting a little. I lubricated the rails and checked for disconnected or pinched cables, disconnected and re-connected the Y-Axis stepper motor. I also checked the belt tension (taut but not as tight as it can go), and set screws, which were tight.

Now when I boot up the MINI+ and go to Settings > Move Axis, "Move X" shows 180, and "Move Y" shows -3. Changing the Y value has no effect and no sound comes from the motor. Similarly, Auto Home doesn't move the Y-Axis, nor does starting a print.

Is it possible my Y-Axis stepper motor has gone bad?

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Posted : 20/09/2021 4:30 am
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Wrong wiring or burned motor.

The best way having the printer under warranty to contact support via chat from eshop Page.

One reason can be a high y axis bearings friction friction. Anyway the y motor should try to move and you should hear a skipped steps of the motor.

You can also check the y motor wiring- if you did not received your printer fully assembled?

When you are setting the y motor do the values on the display change?

Try the factory setup.


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Posted : 20/09/2021 6:37 pm
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