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Odd Artifact When Printing Flat Surface.  

Odd Artifact When Printing Flat Surface.

Hi, folks.

I'm hoping you might be able to help me discern what I need to adjust on my printer. I've made the assumption that my hardware needs to be adjusted in some way. As you can see in the photo, there is an odd artifact that shows up when printing large surfaces. I've tried printing in different orientations to see if it is associated with a specific axis but the results are similar and I'm not able to discern a telling pattern. As a disclaimer, I've had my printer for a couple of years and am now getting back into 3D printing. I ran into this problem months ago and got distracted by life and am now getting back into it. Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Can you recommend anything I can check or test? I had done cold pulls to make sure the nozzle is clear just in case it was an extrusion problem. The object in the photo is a test print I modeled to demonstrate the issue. It is 100mm square and 2.5mm tall. Please accept my gratitude in advance for any and all suggestions and tips. I know you all have lives and I appreciate it very much!


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Posted : 29/07/2023 4:20 pm