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Mesh Bed Level not effective  

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Mesh Bed Level not effective

Hi everyone, I have a real head scratcher. First, I have a Mini with the superPinda probe, bondtech extruder and Mosquito hotend. Everything was printing fine until I was playing with the first layer height and forgot to set it back before starting a new print. Started the print and walked away as it was warming up, come back during the first layer and the nozzle is dragging across the bed, extruder jammed, etc. Took apart the hotend, cleared the jam, everything extruding as normal however when starting a new print, the mesh calibration goes through its process and starts the print. But one side of the bed the nozzle is way too close (opposite the z-axis tower) and the side of the bed closest to the z-axis is way too far (not sticking to the bed).


Running first layer calibration does nothing, still way off on one side. Picture is of the first layer calibration. Any ideas? Thanks!

Posted : 05/08/2022 11:46 pm
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RE: Mesh Bed Level not effective

Sounds like xz skew. Check out


Posted : 06/08/2022 11:48 pm