Massive Layer shift/belt wear after deep cleaning
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Massive Layer shift/belt wear after deep cleaning  

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Massive Layer shift/belt wear after deep cleaning


I was getting clogs left and right on my Mini+. So decided to take apart the hot end as well as the filament loading gear box. Sure enough I found a ton of filament fragments in the orange box. Swapped out the hot end and the filament tube that leads into the hot end. I also tightened both of the belts using the PETG gauge I printed from this site. Put everything back together and had no clogging. Then about an inch up the print, I was getting some slight X-Axis layer shifting. I thought I may tightened the belts too much, so I backed them off a bit. Next print I got massive layer shift. Killed the job and noticed that the x-axis moved with resistance in certain areas. Then I noticed the x-axis belt showed severe wear over a couple of the teeth (see attached). I am certain my "cleaning" provoked this. What I am uncertain of  is what specifically may have caused this. One thought is did I over tighten anything when putting together the gear box? Is there a torque spec for that?  Would love any ideas/thoughts.

Ordered some new belts and they are on their way. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas on this one...


Posted : 24/07/2021 12:04 pm