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Help with removing a rusted/stuck hex screw  

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Help with removing a rusted/stuck hex screw

Hi! So long story short I'm having some issues with my prusa mini (it was out of commission and not touched for almost 2 years) and I'm trying a fix that involves removing the 3 hex screws that holds the heatsink/hotend (sorry not sure the right name) in place, and moving it up. I've gotten 2 screws out (which seemed to be covered in a bit of white rust that I cleaned off with some white vinegar, but left them in a bit too long which stripped the silver off them) but the 3rd screw won't budge. I'm worried I've stripped the inside of the screw by trying to turn it too many times but it may still be fine.

I've tried to use WD-40 but it's so tight that nothing gets in between the thread to help loosen it. If anyone could help give me some suggestions as to how to get it out/get it turning I'd greatly appreciate it!

Posted : 02/02/2023 2:22 pm
RE: Help with removing a rusted/stuck hex screw

Sometimes using a torx screw driver will get a better grib on the set screw than using the standard hex wrench.
When you get the set screws out, I would recommend replacing them with "normal " headed M3 screws to make it easier the next time.

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Posted : 02/02/2023 3:09 pm