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Firmware 4.4.0 - Purge no longer working  

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Firmware 4.4.0 - Purge no longer working

Hi everyone, 

i upgraded my FW (and bootloader) to 4.4.0. I no longer can use the purge function. If i load filament, it does purge at the end but the purge function alone does not work. I click on it and it does nothing (no new screen or anything). I tried to do a factory reset but it did not help.

I had to downgrade the firmware and it's working fine again. I know i'm not alone with this problem as i know at least 2 peoples having reported the same issue on FB group.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this problem (printer print fine on 4.4.0) ? Could it have something to do with the filament sensor ? I have a bondtech extruder and the fs is still connected to the buddy board but not to the printer ptfe tube (basically hanging in the air) ? I made sure to put it off in the setting.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide me :).

Posted : 16/12/2022 9:02 pm
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RE: Firmware 4.4.0 - Purge no longer working

Same issue with the purge and the 4.4.0 ...

Issue with the "autoload" when you plug the USB key as well.

Posted : 17/12/2022 10:19 pm
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RE: Firmware 4.4.0 - Purge no longer working

This is from last year. Why hasn't prusa responded to this?

Posted : 27/11/2023 2:44 am
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RE: Firmware 4.4.0 - Purge no longer working

this is a Peer to Peer forum, facilitated by Prusa!,    the normal route to direct Prusa support is via 'Chat'. 'email', or 'Github'.

to the best of my knowledge Prusa have responded by releasing new firmware 5.1.0

regards Joan

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Posted : 27/11/2023 8:56 am