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Extruder clicking, tried almost everything  

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Extruder clicking, tried almost everything


my extruder is still clicking from time to time. Weirdly it doesn't always happen (maybe only at certain speeds?). Here is a video of it:

It happens with PLA and also PETG, tried different temperatures as well.

Overall I'm satisfied with the prints, this is the most recent one:

Looks fine to me (except the bridging)

I'm not sure if this comes from the clicking, but somehow I doubt it:


I went by this guide and did basically all of it:

The idler screw was too far in because I had a bit of filament stuck in the some time ago and I guess I screwed it in too far after opening it all up.

It is now correct and flush with the hole and the clicking is still there.

I opened the extruder-pulley again. The gears look fine, no dirt or anything, they align just right.

I also did a cold pull and checked if the hotend has the 0,5 mm gap. The tubes have nothing visible in it. Maybe the shorter tube could have something

in it where it goes into the pulley, but wouldn't that come out when filament is changed?


What else could cause the clicking?

Thank you for reading

Posted : 14/08/2022 2:42 pm