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Bondtech Prusa mini firmware 4.3.4  

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Bondtech Prusa mini firmware 4.3.4

Hi, i was hoping you could help me with my bondtech extruder it is making a horrible clicking noise and grinding noise when i try and load filament. it also wont purge the moto just kinda vibrates and doesnt spin at that step i did the new way of setting up the E-Steps with 415 and extruder Dir set to wrong and it wont work now. worked fine before i updated and changed how it was wired. this only started happening after i did the new 4.3.4 firmware update on my prusa mini.

Posted : 04/05/2022 3:40 pm
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RE: Bondtech Prusa mini firmware 4.3.4

I doubt it's the firmware upgrade but you can easily test that by downgrading.  It first I'd check the wiring again and make sure it's aligned with the direction you've set in the firmware menu. From your description my hunch is it's trying to move the motor in the wrong direction. 

Posted : 04/05/2022 10:58 pm
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RE: Bondtech Prusa mini firmware 4.3.4

How about the clog? Did you checked and cleaned the nozzle? The most frequent cracking noise and grinding is caused the nozzle does not allow the filament to move. Do you have correct temperature?

Did you succesfully print with stock extruder before replacing with bondtech?

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Posted : 19/05/2022 3:46 am
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RE: Bondtech Prusa mini firmware 4.3.4

Just as a check, you should only set Dir to Wrong, -or-, swap the wires. Not both.

You set the ESteps in firmware and not in slicer?

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Posted : 19/05/2022 5:01 pm
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