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2in1 out Primary/Support settings  

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2in1 out Primary/Support settings

So i have a Phaetus TaiChi that I'm trying to to get a primary material say Carbon Fibre on E1 and a support material on E2.


Now i need the software to allow for a tool change to allow the Primary filament to retract so the support material can load. It will tool change but won't retract E1 and just starts spinning E2 into the hotend with E1 still loaded.

In a dual color situation with a purge tower this isn't a issue the macro and changes happen because of the purge towers. Unfortunately in the Prim/Supp setup the purge towers aren't allowed and give errors when you try to include them.


Any suggestions or advice on this, I've been testing all week and i can't get it to work no matter the settings and trickery I've tried in the Slicer.

Posted : 06/07/2022 3:25 pm