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Prusalink & MK3S  

Prusalink & MK3S

Hi guys,

I got Prusa XL and I just love PrusaConnect (Not PrusaLink as I do not want to use local network) and I would like to upgrade my Prusa MK3S with Raspberry pi zero 2 w in order to connect to Wi-Fi and I would like to ask if functionality is identical to Prusa Xl.

Meaning I would like to for example:

  • Preheat the nozzle 
  • Move axis
  • Send files to SD card
  • See what % of a print had been printed
  • Change speeds
  • Start prints

Thank you

Posted : 09/05/2024 9:24 am
RE: Prusalink & MK3S

Hi, I don't have an XL but I did just upgrade my Prusa MK3s with a Raspberry pi zero 2 w, so I can share my experience. Though I'm not too familiar with electronics I went the soldering route and it wasn't too complicated. It was very easy to install and connect, the instructions are great. It has all the functionalities you mention above, including some other neat features like visualizing the bed mesh from probing and setting up a queue of files. It's been a game-changer for me!

Posted : 15/05/2024 1:28 pm