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[Feature request] Print feedback  

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[Feature request] Print feedback

Hi all,

I've been using Prusa Connect / PrusaLink for the past few days and this is such a nice upgrade in my production environment. One request I'd make (which I imagine is already done on the prusa print farm) is a print feedback (print succeeded/failed buttons), similar to formlabs printers. This is beneficial if you have multiple similar prints queued up and you want to visualize whether to put those on hold.

Overall I am super happy this new software!

Posted : 24/05/2022 3:43 pm
RE: [Feature request] Print feedback

Hi Steven,

at the moment we have print feedback = job status in the tab "Jobs" for individual printer and print. We are working on statistic which shows how many of jobs was successful for  a printer / group of printer regardless of printed file.

We considered to have feature "print in X copies", but it is hard to say that job was really successful based on input from printer. Sometimes it needs human to check the results, so we decide to skip this future for the moment.

Posted : 24/05/2022 6:19 pm

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