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prints not sticking  

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prints not sticking

I have been using my Mini with the smooth plate extensively for the past 6 months with generally good results. But all of a sudden prints are no longer adhering with resultant print failures. I've swapped out two rolls of Overture black matte filament and switched to PolyTerra. Print settings that had worked perfectly now fail. And those that do succeed don't seem to be as tightly bound to the plate. I have tried tweaking temperatures and Z-height. I've probably got several hundred hours on this plate. Is there any reason to think the plate coatings wear out? I have wiped the plate with a a microfiber cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol after each print. A thin coat of glue stick seems to be working for the moment. Do I need to simply order a new plate? Thanks for your help 

Posted : 21/11/2022 3:49 pm
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Washing your build-sheet with dishwashing detergent(Dawn/Fairy) and plenty of HOT water might be enough. Dry with a fresh paper towel and handle by the edges only.


Posted : 21/11/2022 11:27 pm
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