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My longest MINI+ 3Dprint (525cm x 8cm)  

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My longest MINI+ 3Dprint (525cm x 8cm)

After solar modules installation on roof, and removal of scafffolding, canopy polycarbonate twin-wall sheet got reinstalled.
New overlapping construction proved to be waterproof during heavy and long rain at end of construction work.
But there was a gap between sheet and house in 3cm..7cm range.

I had the idea to do my longest MINI+ print, and because for outside use, with PETG.

I started with three 17.5cm x 5.5cm STLs per 3Dprint, and later did two 17.5cm x 8cm STLs per print.
Rectangle is 0.5mm high, that is 3 layers with 0.15mm layer height and 0.2mm first layer height.
Each print took little less than 2h to complete.

I had read before that superglue is good for PETG as well as polycarbonate, and so I printed, glued, printed, glued, ... until 5.25m length was covered. Here is combined photo of complete length taken from 1st floor window. I did glue all parts from the two 1st floor windows, with some overlap:

I tested the PETG pieces as waterproof under water plug.
Now long term test is needed to see whether it will be completely dry below, even under heavy rain.
And whether the construction survives heavy autumn winds and winter. 

Posted : 28/06/2022 6:54 pm
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RE: My longest MINI+ 3Dprint (525cm x 8cm)

Best of luck

Posted : 01/07/2022 6:48 am