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Trivia question about socks  

Tom Horsley
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Trivia question about socks

There is a toggle in the settings you are supposed to enable if you put a silicone sock on the nextruder heat block. I'm curious why it cares. Is it something to do with thermal considerations, or does the mass of the sock affect input shaping?

Posted : 30/09/2023 12:12 am
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RE: Trivia question about socks

Nothing to do with input shaping.  The main purpose, and I think this was described in the release notes when the setting was added, is for the Self-test.  Before that setting existed, the heater self-test could fail if a sock was installed.  Ideally, it would also select a slightly different PID profile, but as far as I know it does not do that.

Posted : 30/09/2023 2:24 am