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Removing marks from nozzle cleaning  

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Removing marks from nozzle cleaning

Hello everyone,

as this annoying nozzle cleaning feature often keeps printing two lines of dots on the sheet, my question is how you remove this dots on the smooth sheet if it is PETG ?

I had a MK3S+ for a couple of years and used to print also PETG on the smooth plate.

Now i get the probe dots all over the sheet and nearly cannot rmove them.

Any hints ?


Posted : 13/11/2023 2:52 pm
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RE: Removing marks from nozzle cleaning

You should only be using a smooth sheet if you use hair spray, Windex or glue stick on it as a release agent!  If you've been printing on the smooth sheet all this time without using one of these then you are very lucky indeed not to have ruined a sheet or two at least!

As I replied on a different topic:

I hope someone can help you with this as from what I've read online it is a nightmare to separate without damaging the PEI covering on the sheet. Some suggestions I've read include:

1) Putting it in a freezer for several hours then flexing the steel sheet.

2) Heating the bed up to around 100°C and again flexing it.

3) Slowly working around the join with a very sharp blade like a scalpel.

The lesson here really is always use a release agent with PETG on PEI... Or use a satin or textured plate. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Joan Tabb, a fellow moderator, also suggested:

try dribbling Isopropyl Alcohol, on the build plate, around the model, let it sit a while, then re try removing the model.

regards Joan

Fingers crossed something here works for you!


Posted : 13/11/2023 3:20 pm
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RE: Removing marks from nozzle cleaning

I think Prusa need to release a big notice to everyone on their homepage when buying a printer what these bed types are for, and what materials to use or not on each... I'm really surprised as to how many people on here are discussing the same issues with PETG and their smooth plate?  fingers crossed for you !!

Posted : 28/11/2023 2:51 pm
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RE: Removing marks from nozzle cleaning

The easiest way would be to get the satin sheet and use that for PETG as well as PLA.

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Posted : 28/11/2023 3:12 pm