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Random Under Extrusion  

Random Under Extrusion

I have had some under-extrusion on the past 2 prints I have printed and wanted to get some ideas on troubleshooting. I had thought it may have been Octoprint causing the issue but it is happening with direct printing as well. The under extrusion is not in the same places either and I had resliced the item in Prusa Slicer for the direct print this time. 

I have been monitoring temps and there are not any issues I am seeing. I am using Prusament PETG with the Prusa presets in the slicer. This is a new roll of filament and I have low humidity in the enclosure. I had some amazing prints before yesterday.  

I would appreciate any ideas you have to look at. 

Posted : 22/06/2023 12:50 pm