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[Solved] MK4 Wizard pops up after every boot/reset  

MK4 Wizard pops up after every boot/reset

Is anybody else facing this issue? I've run through the wizard/calibration after kit assembly twice (on first run the x-axis test failed). The printer runs perfectly, the only issue being that the wizard pops up after every reboot of the printer. It is kind of annoying, hopefully someone can advise.

Posted : 15/08/2023 8:59 pm
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RE: MK4 Wizard pops up after every boot/reset

Did you complete every step of the setup and had everything pass? 

I just set my printer up last night and it was doing that at first, but only because I couldn't complete some steps (y-axis calibration/check failure). After fixing my y-axis, it calibrated both the y and z axes, then I went through and did the test on the Nextruder. After fully completing that the printer stopped booting the wizard (or at least, it didn't pop the wizard up when I powered the MK4 on this morning).

Posted : 21/08/2023 2:26 pm
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RE: MK4 Wizard pops up after every boot/reset

I would try reapplying the latest firmware then running through the entire calibration again.

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Posted : 21/08/2023 4:54 pm
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RE: MK4 Wizard pops up after every boot/reset

Thanks guys, I followed your advice, updated firmware and did the test once more. Now everything is fine and the wizard does not pop up anymore. Finally!



Posted : 29/08/2023 1:44 pm