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MK4 Nozzle Changes  

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MK4 Nozzle Changes

I just made my first nozzle change today.  I followed the instructions and everything went fine.  However, it seemed to me that there is no necessity for dropping the heater block assembly.  Is there any reason I can't simply use the provided wrenches to hold the heater block in place while I unscrew the existing nozzle and then screw in the replacement nozzle?

Posted : 18/05/2023 6:32 pm
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RE: MK4 Nozzle Changes

It shouldn't matter - its just that removing the heater block makes this a little easier to work on without hunching over the printer, and also minimizes breakages from holding the heater block (in case its twisted while holding and unscrewing the nozzle with the other hand).....

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Posted : 19/05/2023 8:21 am
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RE: MK4 Nozzle Changes

The only thing which is important: let cool down the nozzle very down before unscrew the nozzle from the heaterblock

Posted : 28/06/2023 8:23 pm