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Heater Bed not heating on the outer edges  

Heater Bed not heating on the outer edges

Heater Bed not heating on the outer edges:

When printing a multiple of (9) models that essentially cover the whole heat bed, the models on the outer areas pealed away.. didnt adhere. I checked the bed with a non contact thermometer and , as I thought, the center of the bed is upto temperature (85 to 90 C) the outer areas of the bed were only about 50 C.

I am using Prusa PETG with the Satin Plate and using Prusa Slicer with the default settings...  Are there heating Zones on the heat bed?  If so, then it seams the outer ones are not working?  is there a setting that I am missing? 

Any help would be great.


Posted : 27/02/2024 5:48 pm
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The heating wire is not distributed along the whole bed surface. Only XL has a segmented heatbed.

Your problem can be the underheated bed as mentioned here in combination of the uneven temperature distribution across the bed, so on the outer part of the bed the temperature will be significantly under the temperature value shown on the display.

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Posted : 28/02/2024 6:49 pm