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Firmware 5.1 PrusaLink Questions  

Firmware 5.1 PrusaLink Questions

So, now that I have upgraded to 5.1, there have been some changes to PrusaLink, mostly for the better.

Oddly, though PrusaLink can use binary gcode, the bgcode extensions are not an option, I have to show all files to select bgcode. Can bgcode be set as a filter/allowed extension please?

It would also be fantastic to be able to sort how files are displayed, most recent at the top has been my long-time default as an OctoPrint and RepRap Firmware user. Currently, it seems that the only option for sorting in the web interface is the filename. It may be that I just don't know how to do this, but I have tried the things in the web interface I think are intuitive to no avail. I have set it to time on the printer, but that does not change the web interface

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Posted : 25/11/2023 2:08 am
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RE: Firmware 5.1 PrusaLink Questions

I'm hoping this is just an oversight with 5.1 just coming out... good UI design should have the supported file types selected by default so that .bgcode and .gcode files are selectable by default if your firmware supports it...

Posted : 04/12/2023 5:49 pm