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File error. Failed to open file  

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File error. Failed to open file

I had an error when printing on my Mk4. I got a “File error. Failed to open file” message when trying to start a print. The files are visible on the USB, so it doesn’t appear to be a hardware issue..

It happens with three different USB drives, several models and both regular and binary g-codes.  This issue came out of the blue 12 hours after printing with no problem.

After a long session with Prusa Chat, which included a hard reset, which didn’t solve the problem, I found that the issue did not occur with firmware 5.0.1, but it did with 5.1.0, so there appears to be a bug in 5.1.0 which has been reported.

Has any one else had this error message?

Posted : 30/11/2023 1:06 am
RE: File error. Failed to open file

I had the same problem. What version of Prusaslicer are you running? It has to be 2.7 beta for 5.1.0 firmware. That way they both support bgcode.

Posted : 30/11/2023 1:36 am
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RE: File error. Failed to open file

Prusa slicer 2.7.0 final release is now available
regards Joan

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Posted : 30/11/2023 12:38 pm
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RE: File error. Failed to open file

Thanks for replies.

1: I am using PS 2.7.0.

2: The error occurs with both gcode and bgcode.

3: I was printing with no issues for several days before this error occurred, with no changes being made. We did experience an internet outage at the time, and my Mk4 is connected to router with an Ethernet cable. Could there have been some sort of feed-back?

4: The error went away when I reverted back to 5.0.1 firmware.

Posted : 30/11/2023 2:16 pm