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XL print head on mk3s?  

Isaac the Isaac
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XL print head on mk3s?

Now to start, its 3am here and my mind has just been blown with all the different ways of printing i never knew about that a 3am internet rabbihole might push upon someone, such as non-planar slicing, conic slicing, penta access 5 axis printing and whatnot, and then was thinking, oh, well just how would I achieve that on a mk3s+ (because thats what I have atm) and then decided that it was probably a better idea to start off with a different machine to totally destroy- or just a i3 style machine, but then had me wondering- With this new style of extruder released for the XL, is that going to be the next step for the i3? because a mk4 with a XL head would be cool yeah? if I can read correctly, its a bit lighter as well. Even if its not all super "hot swappable" idk the term exactly, that mechanism in general onto an i3. And im sorry to you all who see this as a totally obvious, but I didnt really see it anywhere.


Posted : 28/11/2021 12:01 pm