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X Crash Detected error message  

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X Crash Detected error message

Hello, my MK3 has been working great till now. I had a print fail and a big blob formed around the nozzle, unfortunately while I was away from the printer. First time that's happened so I followed instructions and slowly cleaned it out and nothing visible seems damaged. The next time I tried printing, the printer would go through the pre-print calibration and then at the last corner it gave me the "X Crash Detected" message. I ran through the calibration wizard but still same message. I turned off Crash Detection and tried printing but the material was not being laid properly so I aborted. I know it's difficult to diagnose without having a look, but being new to printing I would appreciate any advice on this. I'm quite willing to replace the whole printing head if that is an option, I bought the printer from a friend so it's not super new but he's very meticulous and the printer has been well looked after. 

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Posted : 11/12/2023 3:40 am
RE: X Crash Detected error message

I think you should check the X-axis endstop switch. The X-axis endstop switch helps the printer determine the home position and prevents it from crashing into the frame. Make sure the switch is properly positioned and functioning correctly. You can visually inspect it for any damage or misalignment.

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Posted : 14/12/2023 10:42 am
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RE: X Crash Detected error message

The MK3 series printer do not have x or Y end stops. They use sensorless homing.

You could try lubricating the x axis smooth rods.  And make sure nothing touches the main frame during x axis movement

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Posted : 14/12/2023 1:18 pm