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What kind of Fillament should I buy?  

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What kind of Fillament should I buy?

I watch a lot of Video about the different Type and what is different and why "X" not "Y" or maybe "Z",...
But for me as an noob and someone who is start with the Hobby is very difficult to choose a Fillament over the other.
I want print a Handle for your Fridge, make an Custom Adapter for the Fan,... I would say nothing special but the must be made to be robust for every day Handling.
I also want print "after" the first one some Rubber Gasket for the first printed Adapter. It the "FilaFlexible40 Black filament 500g" the right one?

Posted : 24/11/2021 8:30 pm
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RE: What kind of Fillament should I buy?

I use Prusament.

Posted : 25/11/2021 5:12 am
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I've had great luck with several brands of filament.

Of course, Prusa(ment) filament is the gold standard for the Prusa machines and when I've used it, it always printed properly first time, every time, with default settings.

FilamentPM is a good second-source here in the States of some of the filaments (non -ment) sold by Prusa.

My go-to brands of filament have been Hatchbox, Paramount, Overture, and RepRapper.  Lately I've been using Amazon Basics for the black/white/gray PLA when it's available and when it's cheaper (not always) than the name brands.  All of these print perfectly using the default settings.

Lately I've also had good luck with some 'off brands' including Rohs, Ziro, IEMEI, and Pro3D. 

All of the above also are plug-and-play and print very well with default settings.

I have an unopened spool of Jarees (from a recommendation here, IIRC) which I will use when my current spool of white PETg runs out.

I've found that it is seldom necessary to tweak any settings to get good prints from almost all brands of filament.

The only one I can immediately think of is the various metallic 'silk' filaments from Mika3D, which I've found print better by goosing the nozzle temperature 5-10 degrees C.  I've had these jam in the extruders of both the Prusa and my other printer, the Ultimaker S5, when printed at default temperatures.  (The Ultimaker defaults to 190/200 for PLA so that requires a bit more boost.)

Posted : 25/11/2021 9:18 am
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Posted : 25/11/2021 2:18 pm
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