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MK3S+ Total Cost Shipped to US now?  

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MK3S+ Total Cost Shipped to US now?

Anyone know what the total cost shipped to the US is now for a MK3S+?   I know previously there was some kind of exemption since they were under $800, wondering if there are extra fees now that the cost is over that?  I'm in NJ if that matters. 


Posted : 29/09/2022 5:03 pm
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RE: MK3S+ Total Cost Shipped to US now?

The kit is still under $800 (by $1).  I could be wrong, but I don't think the shipping charge is included when calculating the customs threshold of $800.  So there should be no customs duty for the kit provided you don't include anything else in the order.  As for shipping charges, that'll depend of the carrier you choose at checkout.

If you want the fully assembled version, that has been above $800 for a long time and that will trigger customs duties.  I think the tariff rate is 3.1% for FDM (plastic) printers.  But there is a really good change I got that wrong -- they don't make it clear.

No guarantee it'll happen again, but it is only 2 months till Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales and last year, they did free shipping plus some other extras (at least for the kit).

Posted : 29/09/2022 7:45 pm