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Settings for igus I190 filament  

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Settings for igus I190 filament

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has printed with the I190 filament from igus? And if you have any tips?

Attached are the instructions of what I am trying to print, the filament isnt cheap so I just wanted to see if there was anyone out there with some valuable input on print settings. The part I am making will have to be 100% infill and is a rectangle about 4 in x 2 in x .50 in thick.

It wouldn't print right at all until I slowed the speeds down. Adhesion is better with a glue stick, and I am going to try a satin sheet with glue stick next.


Thank you!



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Posted : 07/04/2022 8:57 pm
Brandon K
RE: Settings for igus I190 filament

I just got a roll and found this thread, any chance you remember details on settings you used? Or better yet, do you still have the filament profile saved in you slicer? 

I just got a roll and would really appreciate any lessons you can impart before I start 🙂

Posted : 17/07/2023 9:23 pm