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Secret to print ABS?  

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Secret to print ABS?

Whats the secret to printing ABS? I bought 7 rolls of this generic chinese ABS. I did build an enclosure, I printed slow, I did turn off my fan, I printed hotter and colder to test the filament, I used brim to avoid warping, and I never got a good result (except for a couple really small objects, like 4x4x2 cms) I have to admit that I was using my other machine not the prusas that I own. But I think thats not the point right? I got cracking and warping anyways.

Also I was able to print the white filament only because the black ABS never bonded together. Even though I did pump up my temperature to a really high value.  I have been told that blakc ABS needs higher temperatures because of the aditives and such. But well anyways. 

I have read so much around I even tried with a recucled ABS filament I did a little better with that one but I got warping anyways the parts did detach from the support because the were shrinking and the supports were not able to old the part. I never thought about that before. 

Since ABS warps its even harder to print parts with supports because they detach easily from them and it warps even more and cracks in more parts. Thats when I gave up. I still dont get the secret to printing with ABS or maybe I its possible just to print certain kind of objects only. And try not to use much support and not very tall objects because I will get alot of cracking. 

Any pro tips? 

Posted : 19/01/2020 12:54 am
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RE: Secret to print ABS?
Posted by: @ciscolara

Any pro tips? 

Don't buy the cheapest, worst and unknown filament in bulk and expect good results. 

If you want us to look at something, please post a picture and the settings you've used. 

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Posted : 19/01/2020 3:37 am
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RE: Secret to print ABS?

ABS prints fine for me, in fact I mostly print ABS. The only disadvantage over PLA or PETG is the surface quality of the object where it connects to support. Also, most of my ABS filament is cheap discounter filament <€15/kg - it varies the same way like, say, the ABS you can buy at P/R. Just pay attention with filament rolls that are wound unevenly - they work, but they are prone to ravel if handled w/o attention.

I did this to print ABS:

  • Have an enclosure for your printer
  • Always store every filament in an airtight box with a drying agent to keep humidity under 30% (no need to do this during prints, as the enclosure inside will go to <30% humidity >30°C after an hour or so)
  • bake your drying agent if box humidity raises over 30%
  • filament roll that were not sealed on arrival are wet - a week or so in the box will dry them down
  • Clean the heat bed with IPA every time; use gluestick after cleaning if your print sticks too much
  • Print a heat tower for every roll of ABS
  • Take a default ABS setting, and adjust the nozzle temp according to your result on the heat tower; save this, and reuse it in future for this particular roll of ABS
  • Adjust the bed temperature if it still warps - save in filament preset

Within the ~40 different ABS filament rolls I worked with, only one required an adjusted bed temperature of 125°C (compared to default 110° iirc). 

Posted : 19/01/2020 10:03 am
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RE: Secret to print ABS?

Watch out for additives and recycled ingredients. Look for statements like this: "guaranteed in writing that our filaments are made from pure grade virgin resin". It makes a difference.

Posted : 19/01/2020 5:00 pm