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P. Larsen
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First, I understand that in Europe just the thought of using a persistent browser-cookie is now a legal and social challenge which of course has consequences for how a web-site can work. In my case I see the site-language go hay-wire quite often. When not logged in it seems to pick a random language for some messages, while others are English (my preference). When logged in, I will on occasion still see all messages/menus in another language, notifications in a different language while the main site seems to work just fine.

I've been told that Firefox users tend to find a lot of issues because it moves too fast for some sites to "keep up" - and perhaps that's my problem here. I cannot find a "feedback" or ticket system to report site issues like this, so I thought a general post like this would work. It's a little hard to reproduce on demand but it seems to happen every time I access the site with a frensh browser, or resume a browser tab that's been open for days without being used.

Can others recognize this? Personally the issue doesn't prevent me from using the site, but I want to report it so those in charge of the site can take a look. Hopefully this is the place to do it.

Posted : 12/04/2023 5:45 am
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I always thought this was a "feature" not a bug, to encourage international users to learn new languages…

But kidding aside, I've been getting notifications (such as "post sent" etc) in languages other the the one chose frequently. Not all the time, but occasionally. I'm using Chrome, so I'm sure it's not a browser issue.


EDIT: When I clicked Save on this post the notification was "Zapravoskam" or similar, and it's certainly a language I don't even recognize 🙂

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Posted : 12/04/2023 10:12 am
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