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PrintDry Dot Com Summer Sale  

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PrintDry Dot Com Summer Sale

Greetings All,

Based on the advice of several forum members whom I respect and trust, I’ve decided to invest in a PrintDry Pro filament dryer. 

I visited the manufacturer’s website, ‘’ and discovered they’re running a 20% off sale through 10 August, 2022. I then checked around online at the usual suspects and found the price was the same everywhere; namely, the list price of $189.

I was going to make the purchase regardless, so the discount was a pleasant surprise and a welcome gift! Just thought I’d share the sale info with the community in case there’s someone else out there hankering for a good deal on a well regarded filament dryer.

The online coupon code ‘SUMMER22’ is posted on their site. Hope this is helpful to someone.

Now I guess I’m off to search for a deal on a vacuum food sealer… 😉


Posted : 06/08/2022 4:12 am
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RE: PrintDry Dot Com Summer Sale

Good choice. A quality product.

Posted : 06/08/2022 11:46 pm