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Printables Website Change Idea  

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Printables Website Change Idea

They need to change the printables website. When scrolling through the main 3d models page if you get far enough down everything gets really slow. I don't know how they could fix it, like pages or where everything isn't loaded at the same time. They really need to do something about it because it gets to the point where I need to close the tab and open a new one because it takes so long to load.

Posted : 02/10/2022 2:47 am
RE: Printables Website Change Idea

Not sure if I am having the same issue.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 02/10/2022 3:37 pm
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RE: Printables Website Change Idea

That 'endless scroll' type of thing is very trendy, and yes, it often dogs down after you get so far down the page.

I've found that in some cases (less lately) it will fail to load more items after you get down so far.

Personally, I find the 'modern' implementation of far less useful than what we had maybe two years ago.  The 'endless scroll' is one annoying thing, but the "Prusa Meters' competition caused quantity to override quality.

Posted : 03/10/2022 12:44 am
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RE: Printables Website Change Idea

Endless scroll from a database feed is easy to create and keep adding to.  Pagination with forward/back/page numbering takes a bit more effort but is still possible.  It would be good to see it implemented (heck, even Thingi has done it!)

Posted : 01/11/2022 4:37 am