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[Solved] PC blend CF Garolite G10 adhesion  

The Humble One
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PC blend CF Garolite G10 adhesion


Can I print Polycarbonate CF Prusament directly on G10 / FR4 without glue stick? Filament guide says to use glue on PEI but I found no information about garolite.

Posted : 02/06/2022 12:00 pm
The Humble One
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For all those in the future who will be googling this same question:

It adheres well and snaps right off easily when cooled. No glue should be used. Bed was 110C, hardened nozzle temp was 290C and enclosure was maintained at 45C with heater.

Initial calibration cube warped, probably one corner lifted slightly. I dont know at which point, I wasnt there observing it, just saw it finished. So I lowered Z offset for .1mm and all next objects didnt lift and printed perfectly. The Z height was issue probably because I changed nozzle just for this filament to .6 diameter for better strength.

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Posted : 03/06/2022 7:17 pm
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RE: PC blend CF Garolite G10 adhesion

Many thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind when printing PC or CF-PC.

I tried nylon (Fillamentum FX256) on garolite/FR4 and it didn't work so well. At 95C without any glue, adhesion of the first layer was OK but at the third-fourth layer the model warped so badly that it was dislodged and dragged across the bed. Using 3Dlac as glue and same bed temperature, the model stayed attached to the bed till the end but warping was very noticeable in the finished print.  I must say that this model is a tough one; sort  of 'torture test' for warping prone filaments. I bet that a Benchy would have printed fine.  Anyway, possibly next time I'll try a stronger adhesive like Dimafix and a higher bed temp.


Posted : 04/06/2022 7:16 am
Barry A
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RE: PC blend CF Garolite G10 adhesion

I just printed Prusament PC CF Blend on Garolite G10.  Great results.  Bed at 110, nozzle at 285; filament dried, printed out of hotbox.   No warping, great adhesion, pops right off.  I've had success with PEI and Magigoo for PC.  However, that combination always left some distortion of the PEI plate.  Very happy with the Garolite method. 

Posted : 22/06/2023 1:37 pm