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Model Permissions  

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Model Permissions

I can't figure out how to pick model permissions that would be attribution, no commercial and allow mods, sharing, etc.  I would think this would be desired as fairly common settings.  I am I just missing something?

The only non-commercial settings seem to restrict a lot of other uses.


Posted : 26/03/2023 12:49 am
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RE: Model Permissions

Would not "Creative Commons - Attribution - Noncommercial" (CC BY-NC) or "Creative Commons - Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike" (CC BY-NC-SA) do what you want?  Perhaps an example usage or two that you want to allow would help.

In my opinion, the NC licenses are not the clearest as to what constituents non-commercial.  They also have compatibility problems with other licenses and are not considered 'open'.  I try to avoid them.


Posted : 26/03/2023 11:21 am
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"Creative Commons - Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike"

I would also say that should do the job.

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Posted : 26/03/2023 11:44 am
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