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Initial Thoughts Regarding my new MK4  

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Initial Thoughts Regarding my new MK4

Thoughts regarding my new MK4 printer:

I received my new MK4 printer and love it! 

They are already up to Firmware 4.7.0!  The version that came with it was 4.6.? (Not sure what number it was).  After loading “7”, I had to completely re-calibrate and re-setup WIFI & PrusaLink like it was new.  But all is working just perfectly now.  Just know that updating takes more time than just the time to upload.

Among the many improvements is the auto-leveling for the first layer.  I just changed to a new print surface that is ½ as thick as the stock flat plate that came with the MK4 and it works perfectly.  It is a fun “dance” to watch.  It heats the nozzle to a low temperature where the filament is very soft but not liquid.  Then, it goes to the front left corner and gently bumps the plate over and over again as it slides back and forth.  It is called “cleaning” and looks to me to be akin to a kid wiping snot on his sleeve!  Then, it goes to the print area and gently taps the surface in a tight array.  Finally, it returns to the left corner and heats the nozzle to the printing temperature and prints a HUGE blob of filament.  Then, it starts printing the piece without the circle around the print area.  

It is MUCH quieter than the MK3 – I did not measure it, but it has to be at least half the volume.  I will test it on something with lots of movement and measure one, then the other. 

It is also ~25% faster than the MK3.  Nice combination of traits! 

It can reliably print all the way down to 0.05 mm layer thickness where my MK3 used to choke on 0.1mm.  My grommets used in my work look like they were injection molded with almost no trace of layers. 

Threading is all but gone entirely, even on parts with many vertical spires.  I made no changes to the slicer.

Spare parts are non-existent!  I wanted a spare nozzle with heat-stop bar just to have a spare and they have only a few parts available for the MK4.  They will in time.  

The ONE PROBLEM is changing colors.  Before 4.7.0, it just would not do it.  After 4.7.0 it works great, but after six or so (didn’t really count) it again stops.  It does not recognize the first color filament has been removed.  Restarting fixes the problem, so now, if doing dial or triple color works, I first restart my MK4.  No big deal.  I suspect that 4.7.1 will resolve this minor issue. 

This is a significant and serious upgrade. 


Posted : 08/07/2023 5:49 pm
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RE: Initial Thoughts Regarding my new MK4

Working great for me too.  

Posted : 14/07/2023 12:30 am
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RE: Initial Thoughts Regarding my new MK4

I assembled, tested and configured my MK4.  The 4.7.0 firmware upgrade fixed many problems with PrusaLink.  I have been running trouble free and have 7 days worth of printing done.  Make sure the print surface is clean and run.   I am using PrusaLink to upload G code, start the print and monitor the print.  My detailed notes on the MK4.  

I had planned on keeping my MK3S+ as is, but after using the MK4, I ordered a 3.9  upgrade and will give it to my son for his family.  The MK4 upgrades are making 3D printing viable for a wider base of users.  

The improvements aren't over.  More software enhancements are in testing and some minor issues need to be addressed.   I am hoping the MMU3 and MK4 combination makes multi color printing just as trouble free. 

I think the biggest problem is our impatience waiting for an MK4, the 3.x upgrades and the MMU3 upgrade. 

Posted : 14/07/2023 3:25 am