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Filament Stuck while printing  

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Filament Stuck while printing


I own a "Mini+" for two weeks now but never manage to print more than the "Whistle" with the supplied sample PLA.

Every time I try to print with Prusament PETG (I have nothing else) the Filament seem to be stuck after 30min in the extruder and the printer "prints in mid air". After this, I can not unload the filament either. It seems like it is stuck in there and I have to disassemble the extruder block to get it out. It looks like that a part of the filament is melted on the gears due to friction. I cleaned it multiple times but no luck.

When I heat up the nozzle to 280c, no filament is coming out of it; so I assume it is not stuck in there. I can load new filament after the disassembly with ease (Filament is coming out of the nozzle)

Any suggestions ? This happened now 4 times... 

It is very frustrating to waste so much filament and figuring out that it printed nothing after hours...

Maybe this has nothing to do with this issue: But I have to use a -2mm Z adjustment to get the Filament stuck on the bed. 


Posted : 13/04/2021 9:19 am
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RE: Filament Stuck while printing

Might be a couple of issues combined. The Mini's extruder feels a bit sensitive to proper tension on the tensioner screw. Too low, you may skip steps, too high, it grinds up filament -- which seems to happen to you. Try lowering the tension a bit. I hate to say that as this is a new machine but I found spending a bit of extra money on the Bondtech dual drive extruder (or the Trianglelabs clone, which I got) seems to make a huge difference, haven't had to worry at all about this issue anymore after the upgrade. 

And being at -2 for Live Z is also not a good thing, as this is the max on the Mini. I don't see how this would be related to your printing issue but I would still reposition the SPINDA.

If you're close to or above -2, I would reposition the PINDA higher.

The Super PINDA should have about 1.5 mm distance between nozzle and SPINDA, so that you’re around -1 when your Live Z is correct. (For the old PINDA, it was 0.8mm).

Instructions are in Step 16 of (Mini) or (Mk3S)

I put this little helper on to help position the SPINDA:


Posted : 13/04/2021 11:48 am
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RE: Filament Stuck while printing

Thanks fuchsr,

your "SPINDA Height Gauge" is pretty need 😀 ...

I will try to adjust that screw first.... Do you think it is necessary to check the "Bowden tube" as well ? This seem to be rather complicated

Regarding the extruder, is it this one (Amazon link) ?


Posted : 13/04/2021 1:27 pm