Feature Request - Display Expected Filament Requirement
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Feature Request - Display Expected Filament Requirement  

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Feature Request - Display Expected Filament Requirement

Currently I use: Printer Settings -> Custom G-code -> Before layer change G-code; to display the  "layer-num" and "layer_z", This information along with standard ETE and ETA are very useful while checking print progress.

I would like request a new Feature; to be added to the list of parameters that can be displayed with the M117 g-code: I would like the  "Expected_Filament_Requirment" to finish the print. For example:

M117 L [layer_num], [layer_z]mm, [filament]m


Thanks Dev Team for your efforts.


Posted : 24/09/2021 4:19 pm
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I'd love that for my non-Prusa printers without the filament runout sensor!

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Posted : 24/09/2021 4:35 pm
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New features needed, firmware and part mod

First is a firmware suggestion.  While printing, the page that displays the percentage complete and time remaining should show the layer number currently on, total layers, percentage complete by layer.  That way we can view on slicer by jumping to that numbered layer to see what we're on and what's next in case we need to make some adjustments on the fly.

For the part mod for the printer itself, on the i3 mk3S, and possibly others, the motor for the X-axis is not adjustable at all for belt tension, unlike the Y-axis that is fine.  If the printed part that holds the X-axis was modified to have the bottom screw a regular hole for pivoting, then the other holes should be slotted in an arc so that the motor can be moved closer or further from the extruder to tighten or loosen the belt tension.

Posted : 25/09/2021 3:45 am
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Prusa staff is not monitoring this forum (at least not officially), so our suggestions & wishes here, will most probably turn into vapor -just needed to point that out.

Yes, having currently printed layer displayed would be helpful in many cases. As for expected filament required, I just check in slicer how much filament is needed for print -which reminds me: Is about time that I finally put that filament sensor into extruder 😏

X-axis belt tension adjustment.. it actually is adjustable, but with a risk to create Z-axis skew. In that sense, better solution would be welcome -especially for those who buy Mini as a kit. But then, once adjusted, we usually don't touch that anymore.

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Posted : 25/09/2021 6:33 am