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Buyers guide I guess!!  

Buyers guide I guess!!

G'day all I find myself with a baby on the way and losing my workshop, im looking to replace my current cheap printers with something reliable, not too loud, and with plentiful parts in the case of issues that can be trusted not to be dody. I'm leaning towards a Prusa mini as that looks to meet my requirements and my average print is sub 100mm. The price looks to be not unreasonable in my country as well. Is it worth looking at an MK3 secondhand in favor of a mini or are the minis as good as they look?? 

Posted : 02/06/2023 6:36 am
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RE: Buyers guide I guess!!

I cannot comment on the reliability of a Mini as i do not own one.

However, as soon as the MK4 Kits start shipping, i would expect some people want to sell their current MK3S printers and you maybe could get a second hand machine for a price not too far above a new Mini. 

The MK3S has less limitations than the Mini. 

Primarily the Mini - without modifications - cannot print Carbon fiber filled materials and is less suited for flexible materials.

Posted : 02/06/2023 11:48 am
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The Mk3 is the workhorse and fractionally easier to manage than a Mini.  Avoid any Mk3 that has been modified, the stock machines are usually reliable or at least fixable; mods are usually a sign that someone has been meddling and you don't know what else they may have done.

I'm sure you are aware that small parts may be choking hazards but don't forget that support scraps, filament offcuts and even primer lines should be kept away from small fingers too.


Posted : 02/06/2023 12:48 pm
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RE: Buyers guide I guess!!

I don't know if you want to look at resin printers as an option.  The ones at work are dead quiet.

Posted : 04/06/2023 5:03 pm
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RE: Buyers guide I guess!!

The mini is relative quiet compared to an Ender.  Mine is in an enclosure and with the door closed you cannot hear it.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 04/06/2023 5:08 pm
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