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Advice on Software please  

David I Ontinyent
Advice on Software please


I have just setp my mmu3 for my MK3S+. Its working great and I have tested a few coloured prints.  I would now like to design my own multi coloured prints.  

All my experience up until now has been using tinkercad but from  what i can tell tinkercad is  not really suitable for designing multi colured prints. 

The prints I have seen so far appear to be based upon .3mf files with mutiple objects.  I have setup  fusion 360 and can creats .3mf files but am unsure how to use it for multi colour.  Can anyone offer advice on a way forward ?   i am happy to stick wotht tinkercad but cant really see it as the right software.  I am happy to try anything 




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Posted : 25/09/2023 11:32 am
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RE: Advice on Software please

Hi David, 
there are a number of ways to create multicolour prints
you can use modifiers with a single colour print.

Dallas-Cowboys-modifiers jt

Another single colour model but with Painted features   This is a tiny model... so the details are poor! 

Paint your Wagon

or a multi part model, using parts to modify a plain surface when parts overlap each other, the order of the parts in the right hand list, is important, otherwise bigger items obliterate smaller items

David Fawcett 300 Win Mag
the model above is printed face down, to minimise the waste material in the purge block

this item below is similar to the above print, with the exception that each part rests in a cut out in the surrounding part

Joan cut out parts
this  model is shown face up, to demonstrate the larger purge block. 
I usually print logo's face down, to minimise waste and get a good surface off the build plate

when you make multi part models, save each element as a separate STL, which is located at the correct position, relevant to the main part, then, when you use the ADD PART - LOAD option, each part is added in the correct relationship.

I hope this helps... 
project files included above. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 25/09/2023 7:12 pm
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