Head of David by Michelangelo - toothbrush / makeup brush holder
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Head of David by Michelangelo - toothbrush / makeup brush holder  

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Head of David by Michelangelo - toothbrush / makeup brush holder

Hey there,

just wanted to share a print - I modified a head of David sculpture by Michelangelo - all kinds of cool historic sculptures can be found on SCAN THE WORLD webpage.

I have then edited it with Meshmixer to create holes: 18x2.2mm hole for the glued-in 17x2mm magnet on the bottom, and a cylindrical hole on top of the head. Maybe the hole could be a bit deeper, but it is what it is.


Filament used is Stone Age PLA (manufacturer: Spectrum Filaments), printed on a prusa MINI+ with 0.25 nozzle and 0.12 layer height, for about 32h. It could probably easily be done with a 0.4 and 0.15 quality default preset without any problems, and within less time, but I was too lazy to change the nozzle to reduce print time this time around.

It needed a few supports from the bottom of his head, and it was printed "face up".

I don't know if without magnets it would be viable in terms of balance, but for my bathroom setup and the metal shelf I have next to the mirror it seems perfect 🙂 There's also alternatives to get something heavy into the base, or do a gradient infill in slicer, so that it's heavier on the bottom and lighter on the top.

Hope you like it 🙂

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Posted : 24/08/2021 3:09 pm
pencil cup

Very nice desing!  I might use somthing likme this as a pencil cup.  

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Posted : 24/08/2021 5:13 pm
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