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Color change turning into a nightmare  

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Color change turning into a nightmare

I have a lab at work with 6 mk3s+ machines.  I RARELY have any issues during my training where I have the employees do a color change during a print.  I have purchased all new enclosures and so far have put two of them up.  During a normal print, unloading is fine.  During a color change, the nozzle cools down.  Even though we pull as soon as it says to pull during unload, the filament doesn't seem to budge.  By the time i get the idler door open, there is no moving the filament without breaking it.  To heat the nozzle back up, we have to cancel the print and then heat the nozzle in order to get it back out as there is no way to get into the settings at that point as your only option is to say it did not unload, in which it trys again, or to say it unloaded successfully and then it goes nuts trying to pull the stuck filament back in thru a cold nozzle 🙁 . anyone have any suggestions?  Both printers are doing the same thing and the only change has been the new enclosures.

Posted : 29/09/2022 9:29 pm
RE: Color change turning into a nightmare

Can you post an image of your hotend / heater block?  I suspect that you either have heat creep or the hotend is assembled incorrectly.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 30/09/2022 10:34 am