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[Solved] X-Axis Calibration Failure  

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X-Axis Calibration Failure

Hi All,

I finished assembly on my Mini+ last weekend, but I am constantly running into problems with the x-axis. Yesterday I tightened the grub screws and this resolved the calibration. I ran a 3-hour print without issues. Swapped out filament and set up another print, however towards the end the x-axis bearings were squeaking consistently. I disassembled the x-axis to re-lubricate the bearings and upon putting everything back together the x-axis consistently fails. Occasionally during the XYZ calibration it seems to think the axis is closer to the right than it is.

Running the XYZ calibration the x-axis moves to the far right, then fails upon reaching the far left side. I've tried all manners of tension but to no avail. The factory reset does not address this issue and I am up to date on firmware.

Any suggestions?


Napsal : 20/04/2021 2:28 pm
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RE: X-Axis Calibration Failure

I disassembled the X-axis to access the motor and refastened the grub screw this way. It appears it slipped off at some point and the small port wasn't allowing me to properly realign it. 

Napsal : 20/04/2021 5:05 pm