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Trouble with the z  

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Trouble with the z

Hello, I've been trying to home in on a good z value for this. I thought I had something pretty okay, but this whistle came off the bed close to the end so I guess it's not quite there yet, I just wanted to make sure that's correct.

Here are a couple images of the z test print and the base of the whistle after failing. The z is currently set to -1.315. If it gets lower the surface of the z layer print test starts to get rough and I thought it was supposed to be smooth? Not sure, just looking for a little bit of guidance. Thanks

Posted : 21/02/2021 7:20 pm
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RE: Trouble with the z

Hey, I followed the wizard too and I ended up with -1.485 for the Z axis.  However, I moved onto printing something that took up almost the full the bed and I ran into another issue.  My current setting to print correctly is -1.565 and so far I have had fairly good success with that.  I created a model that does a full bed print to make sure the bed is actually leveled.  Let me know if that helps.  Also if you get stuck I can share the gcode with you for the bed leveling.  There are a ton out there on thingerverse but I built mine specifically for the mini.  Once that was able to print that model perfectly I had no more issues with the mini messing up prints due to bed leveling.

Posted : 23/02/2021 7:54 pm