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Prints have holes  

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Prints have holes

Hello guys,

I just got my prusa mini for 2 weeks, and i've never had a single ''success'' print.  

Here is some photos may help to better understanding the issue i had, thanks for helping me.

First, the buddy and benchy, the gcode i printed is the one comes with the printer.


And there is other print i use 0.15 default setting


I think that's nothing to do with seams, correct me if im wrong.

And i use those same filament print with my mk3s, there is no problem at all. 

This is benchy from mk3s for comparison.


Again thanks for helping me, stay safe, love you guys.

Posted : 15/04/2021 12:04 am
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RE: Prints have holes


Gcode from prusa, can't even use mini. Need help guys.

Posted : 16/04/2021 3:59 pm