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Peeling prints  

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Peeling prints

I'm having trouble with prints peeling up at the corners and coming away from the print bed. The print in the two images below looks fine during the first layer, and its fine for quite a few layers. But eventually the corners start to lift, and sometimes the whole print eventually comes away before it is finished.

Any guidance other than the normal first layer calibration? I have been printing many other things with the same settings with no issues. I did have this issue on another print and I just printed some support material to 'hold it down' - but this was a much more delicate print and I'm surprised it has happened again on a model with such a large first layer on the bed.

Posted : 11/12/2022 9:34 am
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Reasons for corner lifting:

Inaccurate first layer Z calibration.

Dirty print sheet.

Cold atmosphere or overcooling (often drafts or A/C or winter workshop.)

Large area prints warping off the bed or even bending the print sheet are almost always a cooling issue.


Posted : 11/12/2022 1:06 pm