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New Mini+ - Z axis not moving manually  

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New Mini+ - Z axis not moving manually

Hi all, new Mini+ owner which arrived today (semi-assembled) and I just set it up.

I am having an issue with manual adjustment of the Z-axis. 

Test of XYZ axis passes fine.  Bed levels fine.

When I try to live adjust Z or do first layer calibration, the nozzle height does not move at all.  I checked the trapezoidal screws and they are fine - i.e. not too tight.

The first layer print is almost ok but I do need to drop the Z-offset a little.

Any ideas?

Posted : 26/11/2022 6:27 pm
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With a brand new machine it's best to go to Prusa Support.

For support: Log into your Eshop account, navigate to Help and live chat is at bottom right in most browsers. If not you may need to disable your ad-blocker temporarily.


Posted : 26/11/2022 10:27 pm
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RE: New Mini+ - Z axis not moving manually

when you adjust that its hardly noticable to the eye but when you get to point where the filament is getting flattened go back like 10 and your sweet spot should be around there i just did mine it was 1.70 which takes forever to scroll to and feels like its not working but it did once i got to the spot now i can play with 20 points and one end is flattened smashed to the steel and the other is to high and round it needs to be in those points somewhere to print goodies just twist that knob fast as you can or it will be out of time and have to try again i had to do it like 10 friggin times to find it but after my benchy was nice cheerios mate or capt crunch to you u and yours

Posted : 21/12/2022 7:54 pm
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From my experience, when doing 1st layer calibration and adjusting Z height, if value is already @ -2.000 it'll not go lower

In that case you'll need to adjust SuperPinda height following this procedure ->

and then run again the 1st layer calibration



See my designs in

Posted : 22/12/2022 11:23 am