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My approach to fix stringing  

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My approach to fix stringing

Hi Forum, this is my first post 🙂

I received my new Prusa Mini+ several days ago and I already printed some smaller samples but I'm still in the tweaking phase.
Please have a look at this picture:


The quality improves from left to right, but there is still many (although fine) stringing left on the last sample.
I know this benchmark is unforgiving, but is the above result the best the Prusa Mini+ can go?

I used the sample PLA filament that came with the printer.

First I enabled retraction, which made a huge difference (from first to second sample).
After that I played around with
1. the retraction distance, currently set to 4 mm (defaulted to 3.2 mm)
2. the filament temperature, currently set to 205°C (defaulted to 215°C)

I'm unsure what the next steps would be:
Should I decrease the fan speed?
Should I further increase the retraction distance?
Should I adjust some other speed settings?

Any Ideas are highly appreciated!



Posted : 14/02/2021 5:41 pm
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RE: My approach to fix stringing

I found that calibrating the filament extrusion multiplier helps the most with this sort of stringing. The Prusa profiles should be pretty well-tuned, but it's also possible your filament has absorbed a bit of moisture. I found this happens more in winter (New England region US).

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Posted : 14/02/2021 5:43 pm
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RE: My approach to fix stringing

My suspicion, on the back of very little experience, is that PETG stringing increases with lower ambient temperature (excluding the million and one other variables).

Posted : 14/02/2021 9:24 pm
RE: My approach to fix stringing


That sounds correct.  

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Posted : 15/02/2021 2:20 am
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RE: My approach to fix stringing

Thanks for your answers,

Before I try to decrease the filament extrusion multiplier, I played around with the nozzle temperature and with 195°C for the PLA Prusa Filament I achieved the following result:
The first one is the first and really bad sample I made with stock settings.
The second one is the last sample from my picture above, so including all my current tweaks.
And the third one is the outcome of printing in 195°C
It still shows some stringing on the top, but in between there is no stringing at all, so I think I can leave it with that, can I?

The Prusa filament states it should be printed at at least 205°C but I read PLA can be printed at 190°C in general.
Can I leave the settings like that? 

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