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Mini+ Startup question  

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Mini+ Startup question

Total newbie here...  When running the First Layer Test I notice a significant difference between the thickness or volume of the first line of extruded filament and the rest of the test. I understand that the first 100mm or so is to clear the nozzle but should the volume deposited on the plate be so much more than the rest of the test? Also, my test runs backwards in orientation to the examples in the manual. I don't mean that it prints the little rectangle first but that the location on the plate is backwards. The example shows the test printing from the rear of the plate and ending, with the rectangle, in the front left corner. Mine begins at the front of the plate and ends in the rear left corner. The pattern is flipped 180 degrees vertically. I only mention this in case it is significant. Perhaps it is the programmers way of identifying a revision point in the firmware history.

Thanks, RW...

Posted : 16/04/2021 3:59 pm